The freelance food, beverage, and restaurant photography of  photographer 

William Cowger

The food, restaurant and beverage photography of William Cowger, Michigan food photographer-Detroit Area

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Food Photography at its best!



*I like that your photography is not limited to shallow focus close ups."

Jeff Rose - Executive Chef




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FoodPhotog001 FoodPhotog002 FoodPhotog003 FoodPhotog061 FoodPhotog066
Rattlesnake Club Portabella Rugby Grille Eggs Benedict The Fiddler Pastry Bone-In Ribeye Volare Ristorante Cocktails at Rugby Grille
FoodPhotog068 FoodPhotog005 FoodPhotog006 FoodPhotog007 FoodPhotog008
Romance at Rugby Grille Brookshire - Royal Park Traffic Jam Fish & Chips Rattlesnake Club Lobster Big Rock Lamb Chops
FoodPhotog009 FoodPhotog063 FoodPhotog010-2 FoodPhotog010 FoodPhotog011
Almond Pecan Pie Weekday Cafe Shrimp at Corner Bar Sidewalk Sanders Hot Fudge Ice Cream Puff Scotty Simpson's Fish -Detroit Salmon on Potatoes at Cork
FoodPhotog012 FoodPhotog013 FoodPhotog072 FoodPhotog014 FoodPhotog015
Bacon, Egg & Cheese Burger at Rugby Grille Volare Bone-in Ribeye Big Rock Chophouse during Holidays Slows BBQ Sandwich Slows BBQ Chicken

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William E. Cowger

Professional Food Photographer 

of Troy, Michigan, USA

(248) 828-0666


[email protected]


William Cowger is a Commercial Photographer specializing as a Food Photographer, Restaurant Photographer, Lifestyle Photographer and Architecture Photographer  The food photography includes short focus, environmental food photography highlighting the food while showing the ambience of the restaurant, interior restaurant photography, exterior restaurant photography, executive chef staff photography, and people enjoying the food and beverages. Clients include: Big Rock Chophouse, Townsend Hotel, Rugby Grille, Corner Bar, Casa Real, Capital Grille, Tasty Thai, Townsend Hotel Bakery, Gourmet Everyday, and many others.

Mr. Cowger is a member of the Professional Photographers of America and the Professional Photographers of Michigan. Acacia Photography, Inc. is a member of the Troy Michigan Chamber of Commerce in Michigan and the Birmingham Bloomfield Chamber of Commerce in Michigan.